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Saturday November 28th 2015

Birds Monitoring Program

In October 2005, a Birds Monitoring Program was started with the participation of local communities. Las Nubes Project began with the training of local assistants in avian monitoring through bird banding.
The goals of this program are to assess the influence of human intervened landscapes on birds abundance and diversity, and to provide educational opportunities for local residents to learn about the avifauna present in the corridor. The idea is to determine the habitats that are a “conservation priority” and to re-assess the value of shade-grown coffee as a potential habitat for migratory and resident birds in the corridor.

In the first phase (2005 to 2006) eight stations were selected along the Alexander Skutch Biological Corridor. In the second phase (2006 to 2008), four stations that were monitored in the previous year remained and 2 new ones were added to the monitoring program.

You can enlarge, move, or navigate the map. Also you can click on each point to check the station name.

The species database in this website contain the species found in the “Las Nubes Biological Reserve”, which is called NUBE in this project.

The Birds Monitoring Program is an ongoing project of the Las Nubes Project and is funded by the Fisher Fund for Neotropical Conservation. The initial phases of the program were co-funded by the Molson Foundation through a grant given to late Dr. Howard Daugherty.

The monitoring is done using the mist netting technique. The capture, extraction and banding are done according to the Institute for Bird Populations protocol (IBP).

By 2008, 4,638 birds were banded belonging to 186 species within the Alexander Skutch Corridor.

To involve the community, researchers participate in environmental education workshops, during seasonal fairs, in which a presentation of the program is done, highlighting the importance of birds diversity in the area and their threats. Also, educational material is distributed within the community.

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