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Wednesday November 25th 2015

Funding Opportunities

Instructions to apply for the Fisher Fund for Neotropical Conservation will be posted by the end of the Winter Term 2010.

There are other funding opportunities for your research in the Las Nubes area:

Howard Daugherty Graduate Award in Neotropical Conservation

Donated by Dr. M.M. “Woody” Fisher and Ms. Valerie Grant in memory of FES professor Dr. Howard Daugherty, the Howard Daugherty Graduate Award in Neotropical Conservation is one award of $25,000 or two awards of $12,500, to support graduate student research related to neotropical conservation in the vicinity of Las Nubes Biological Reserve in Costa Rica.

International Development Research Centre

The International Development Research Centre funds research activities that are designed to directly benefit developing countries and their citizens and offers many awards.

Canada-Latin America and the Caribbean Research Exchange Grants (LACREG)

The LACREG program, funded by the International Development Research Centre, is designed to strengthen international partnerships and consolidate emerging networks among academic researchers from Canada and Latin America and the Caribbean. The maximum value of each grant under this program will be $15,000.

GESSA Research and Travel Fund

The Research and Travel Fund program is awarded by the Graduate Environmental Studies Student Association to assist graduate students in obtaining funding for traveling while doing research. The GESSA Research and Travel Fund covers a percentage of travel expenses, usually 50%, up to a maximum of $600 per student per year.

GSA Funding Opportunities

The Graduate Student Association at York provides several small grants to all graduate students to support thesis writing, conference attendance, and skills development. The average amount for this funding is $100.