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Tuesday October 6th 2015

GESSA Research and Travel Fund

Background: The Graduate Environmental Studies Student Association (GESSA), of which every Environmental Studies graduate student is automatically member, is the student-run organization for graduate students in FES. GESSA is also an associate member organization of the Graduate Students’ Association (GSA) at York. Representing over 445 Masters’ and Doctoral students, GESSA is one of the largest governance bodies for graduate students at York University.

The GESSA Research and Travel Fund (RTF) program makes up a significant amount of GESSA’s yearly expenditure and consists of monies derived from its operational budget and a further $8,000 allocated by the Faculty’s Research and Awards Committee for GESSA to administer. The amount of funding from faculty (RAC) can vary year to year. Hence, GESSA’s Executive Committee (EC) and Finance Committee (FC) reserve the right to allocate different amounts to the fund for a given academic year.

Value: GESSA’s reserves the right to allocate a percentage that will be disbursed to all eligible applications and activities per application The RTF fund usually covers up to a maximum of 50% of the cost of eligible activities. The actual amount (percentage) awarded will depend on how many applications are received in that cycle. If the requests for funds exceed the amount of funding available, awards will be based on an equal percentage distribution (e.g. all applicants, for example, may receive 40% or 25 % of the cost of their eligible activities). GESSA over the past few funding cycles has usually allocated 50% per eligible application.  The maximum grant available per application is $500. The maximum amount of funds available to a student per academic year is $600.

The Fund is primarily meant to help offset the travel and research costs incurred by graduate student in FES during their research and conference attendance. It is NOT meant to be a primary funding source nor is it meant to subsidize travel expense for students on paid internships or to use for travel other than the three categories below.

We strongly suggest that you seek out other funding sources in addition to this fund. The RTF program should not decide the feasibility of potential research projects or attendance at conferences and workshops or skills development.

The RTF program is one of the main ways that GESSA uses its funds to support students. Other ways include resources, conferences, speaking series, social events, and academic forums. GESSA’s mandate for spending is guided by student input. This fund is a way for us to support one another and the resources used here need to be shared by all students.

Deadlines: There are three funding cycles per academic year with the following deadlines:

  • Second Friday of September
  • Second Friday of January
  • Second Friday of April

Applications must cover activities ending in the current funding cycle (before the cycle deadline).

Up-to-date information is available at the GESSA Research and Travel Fund website.

Last updated February 9, 2011