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Monday November 30th 2015

GSA Funding Opportunities

The GSA offers a variety of funds for graduate student members. These funds are not meant to be a primary source of graduate student funding, but serve as a small additional aid.

Conference Support Fund

This fund is for students who are presenting or chairing sessions at conferences. This fund is not for students who are only attending conferences and it is not meant to be a primary source of funding for conferences. The average amount of funding is $100.

Thesis Support Fund Application

This fund is designed to help defray the costs involved in MA and Ph.D. theses or major papers. Expenses covered under this fund include the costs of supplies, materials, services, etc expended on the project. Purchases of reusable/resaleable items such as computers, books and journals WILL NOT be covered. The average amount of funding is $100.

Skills Development Support Application

This fund is for projects which help students develop overall skills in relation to their programme of study such as voluntary internships or apprenticeships, language training courses, or other training/education courses not offered at York. This fund is NOT intended to cover costs associated with academic conferences but is for practical, skills-based training or other applied forms of skill development. The average amount of funding is $100.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall – December 1
  • Winter – April 1
  • Spring – August 1

Up-to-date information is available at the Graduate Students Association Funding Opportunities website.

Last updated February 9, 2011